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Source: Peak Moment TV on Youtube 

“What people really think of as adrenal fatigue or burnout rarely has anything to do with the adrenals themselves.” Nora Gedgaudas dispels myths, and illuminates various forms of brain dysregulation that can affect our response to stress, as well as our energy levels. She also discusses the importance of a daily sleep-and-activity rhythm based on natural light and dark, a low-carbohydrate diet and supportive supplements. Nora is the author of a new e-book Rethinking Fatigue —What Your Adrenals are Really Telling You and What You Can Do About It.


“Nora Gedgaudas’ Rethinking Fatigue is dense with fascinating, cutting-edge information that’s easy to understand and use.  A brilliant new work.”          ~ Dr. Chris Decker

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  1. says

    Is there a Paleo version of your Fatigue book?
    i.e.: Non EMF?

    I am one of those luddites that seeks natural surroundings over technology.

    As a compromise– how about a downloadable version for my (wired not Wireless) Mac?


  2. admin says

    (You don’t need to own a Kindle device to read Kindle books from Amazon. You can download a FREE Kindle reader here.)

  3. Kyle O'Donnell says

    I’ve heard you talk about animal fat a lot. is there anyway to get the right kind of fat in your diet from vegetables? could cooking vegetables with lard or butter work?

  4. Wendy says

    Hi Nora

    I think I have now listened to just about anything audio/video you have discussed on the internet. I am about to do a panel with Cyrex and I am wondering which would be the best test. I am keto-adapted (2.34 mm) and I therefore do not eat many of the items that would test for cross reactivity (however I do dairy + eggs) . I have spent a couple of thousand over the past year or two doing these food sensivity tests and in the end I just follow my strick diet which keeps me in ketosis. Please help-should I pursue the array 4 or perhaps a diffrent but just as informative test. Any info would be so appreciated 🙂 Thanks Nora!!

  5. admin says

    Array 4 will let you know if you are cross reactive with dairy and eggs. I highly recommend the array 4 panel to all my clients who really want to know.


  1. […] Nora Gedgaudas talks about her new book on “Rethinking Fatigue”.  We have talked a lot about adrenal fatigue and exhaustion over the last 16 months on our FIT FAT FAST podcast.  Nora shares new research and discoveries about what we called adrenal fatigue.  Download her new e-book and start reading … who doesn’t have some fatigue in their life?  Let’s find out how to stay healthy and life a balanced life.  More info on her web site […]

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