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Primal Body, Primal MindIn this book, you will not only learn about the selective pressures that designed our Primal physiology, but you will learn about ways in which we need to adapt our Primal physiologies and our mind-sets to this even more brutal and uncertain modern world… Moreover, you will learn how to use the hidden and newly discovered revelations about how we fundamentally age on a cellular level to go even beyond Nature’s original, limited intention…toward the new frontier of your unlimited potential!

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Primal Body, Primal Mind : Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life

Primal Body, Primal Mind
by Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

New and revised, Illustrated, and Expanded Edition
Publication Date: May 27, 2011
Publisher: Healing Arts Press

Combining your body’s Paleolithic needs with modern nutritional and medical research for complete mind-body wellness

  • Provides sustainable diet strategies to curb sugar cravings, promote fat burning and weight loss, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and moods, increase energy and immunity, and enhance memory and brain function
  • Shows how our modern diet leads to weight gain and “diseases of civilization”–such as cancer, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and ADD
  • Explains how diet affects the brain, hormone balance, and the aging process and the crucial role of vitamin D in cancer and disease prevention

Examining the healthy lives of our pre-agricultural Paleolithic ancestors and the marked decline in stature, bone density, and dental health and the increase in birth defects, malnutrition, and disease following the implementation of the agricultural lifestyle, Nora Gedgaudas shows how our modern grain- and carbohydrate-heavy low-fat diets are a far cry from the high-fat, moderate-protein hunter-gatherer diets we are genetically programmed for, leading not only to lifelong weight gain but also to cravings, mood disorders, cognitive problems, and “diseases of civilization”–such as cancer, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), heart disease, and mental illness.

Applying modern discoveries to the basic hunter-gatherer diet, she culls from vast research in evolutionary physiology, biochemistry, metabolism, nutrition, and chronic and degenerative disease to unveil a holistic lifestyle for true mind-body health and longevity. Revealing the primal origins and physiological basis for a high-fat, moderate-protein, starch-free diet and the importance of adequate omega-3 intake–critical to our brain and nervous system but sorely lacking in most people’s diets–she explains the nutritional problems of grains, gluten, soy, dairy, and starchy vegetables; which natural fats promote health and which (such as canola oil) harm it; the crucial role of vitamin D in cancer and disease prevention; the importance of saturated fat and cholesterol; and how diet affects mental health, memory, cognitive function, hormonal balance, and cellular aging. With step-by-step guidelines, recipes, and meal recommendations, this book offers sustainable strategies for a primally based, yet modern approach to diet and exercise to reduce stress and anxiety, lose weight, improve sleep and mood, increase energy and immunity, enhance brain function, save money on groceries, and live longer and happier.

About the Author of Primal Body, Primal Mind

Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT, is a certified nutritional therapist and neurofeedback specialist with a private practice. A member of the Nutritional Therapy Association, the National Association of Nutritional Professionals, the Nutrition and Metabolism Society, and the Weston A. Price Foundation, she lives in Portland, Oregon.

Praise for Primal Body, Primal Mind

“With this book, she [Nora Gedgaudas] moves the diet discussion into the world of evolutionary science.” ~ Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer, March 2011

“Primal Body, Primal Mind was listed on Amazon’s overall top ten best seller list the week of June 20, 2011.  It was also ranked #1 in all health related categories for that same week!” OVER 150,000 SOLD!


Book Reviews and Endorsements

“Primal Body, Primal Mind is the best nutritional book I have ever read.  – A gold mine of great information.”

~ Louise L. Hay
American motivational author and founder of Hay House publishing company

“Primal Body, Primal Mind is one of the best books I have read dealing with nutrition and lifestyle for optimal health.”

~ David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

“Primal Body, Primal Mind is so much more than just another “what to eat” book – it explains in everyday terms why eating like our Paleolithic ancestors works. With ample research to back up her claims, certified nutritional therapist Nora Gedgaudas reveals what we are and are not genetically programmed to eat.”

~ Healthy Referral, July 2012


According to Nora T. Gedgaudas in “Primal Body, Primal Mind” human beings are genetically predisposed to be hunter-gatherers, therefore our bodies are programmed to consume a high-fat, moderate-protein, and starch-free diet which includes high doses of omega-3.  She takes to task vegetarianism and the intake of grains, soy, dairy, and starchy vegetables as well as oils such as canola which inhibit the task of Vitamin D in disease prevention.
~ Read more in Reader Views…

“Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life” by certified nutritional therapist Nora T. Gedgaudas is a 416-page compendium that examines what we know about the diets and health of our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors before the advent of agriculture. Applying recent scientific discoveries, “Primal Body, Primal Mind” reveals how the coming of agriculture resulted in a marked decline in stature, bone density, dental health, with a corresponding rise in birth defects, malnutrition, and disease directly related to an agriculturally-based life style. Informed and informative, and occasionally iconoclastic, “Primal Body, Primal Mind” is particularly noteworthy for Nora Gedgaudas’ recommendations with respect to our modern diets and ‘real world’ strategies to nutrition-based diets combined with exercise to provide a roster of benefits ranging from stress reduction, to improved sleep, to an enhanced immune system, to saving money on groceries, to extending our life expectancies. Enhanced with eight appendices (including an impressive bibliography) and a comprehensive index, “Primal Body, Primal Mind” is an enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library Health & Nutrition instructional reference collections.”
~ Midwest Book Review

“Health and a Longer Life. I admit I had not paid enough attention to her in the past. I had not read the first edition of her book, and I am glad I never got around to it because she recently joined with Healing Arts Press to release a new edition this year. I’ve been looking through the book – and I’ll read it in total – and it is splendid and solid, including the striking cover. It’s a no-B.S. book on evolutionary science that speaks to really basic concepts in a straightforward manner. Everything that should be in the book is in the book.”

“With this book, she [Nora Gedgaudas] moves the diet discussion into the world of evolutionary science.”
~ Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer

“These days, hormones are a hot topic.”

In Nora Gedgaudas’ book, Primal Body-Primal Mind, she focuses on those specific hormones that are so commonly imbalanced and problematic to the American population, contributing to common and frustrating symptoms such as weight gain, low energy, poor mood, and even premature aging. In clear and simple terms, Nora describes the root of these hormonal problems and outlines specific solutions that are effective and easy to apply. If you suffer from any of these conditions or are concerned with presenting them, this is the book you want to read.”

~ Dr. Janet Lang
Author, Educator and Restorative Endocrinology™ Founder

“Nora Gedgaudas has loaded PRIMAL BODY–PRIMAL MIND with the information and resources essential for anyone who hopes to survive the 21st century in mental and physical health.”

~ Julia Ross, MA
Author of The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure
Executive Director of Recovery Systems Clinic in Mill Valley, California.

“Primal Body, Primal Mind, Primal Tools”

There’s an old saying that when you’re holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you’ve got a malfunctioning pancreas, a surgeon is likely to decide you need surgery, a medical doctor will decide you need a prescription drug, and a therapist will suggest you heal your inner child so it will stop taking its emotional wounds out on your pancreas.

Sometimes these modern therapeutic tools are exactly what we need. But sometimes they’re not. Sometimes what we really need is a good, old-fashioned, stone-age tool … such as a hunter-gatherer diet.

Here’s an example: some years ago, as I’ll explain shortly, I thought I needed a 12-step program, and perhaps some therapy to go along with it. Turns out I actually needed a medium-rare steak.

I thought about that while reading Primal Body–Primal Mind, by Nora Gedgaudas. The book covers a wide range of health topics – nutrition, metabolism, exercise, weight loss, vitamins and supplements, depression and other emotional issues – but ties them all back to one central idea: physically, we are virtually identical to our Paleolithic ancestors. We may drive minivans and listen to modern jazz on iPods, but our bodies and brains haven’t really evolved past the stone-tools era. Your great-grandfather to the 10th power thrived on particular nutrients, and so will you. The reverse is also true: you probably won’t thrive if you fill you belly with foods he never ate.

Nora obviously ploughed through an enormous amount of research to write this book, and she summarizes it quite nicely. She explains biochemical concepts clearly, while managing to sneak in a bit of humor here and there – always a plus with me. I enjoy a book when the information is dense, but the writing style isn’t. But what I especially liked is the reason she wrote the book. Nora is a clinician who helps address brain malfunctions with a technique called neurofeedback, a kind of biofeedback for the brain. With electrodes attached to your head, you play something akin to video games on a computer, and retrain how your brain responds to stress. She’s used this high-tech tool to help clients with everything from depression to autism with impressive results.

“Primal tools for the (almost) modern human.”

Primal Body-Primal Mind covers a wide range of health topics – nutrition, metabolism, exercise, weight loss, vitamins and supplements, depression and other emotional issues – but ties them all back to one central idea: physically, we are virtually identical to our Paleolithic ancestors. We may drive minivans and listen to modern jazz on iPods, but our bodies and brains haven’t really evolved past the stone-tools era. Your great-grandfather to the 10th power thrived on particular foods and types of exercise (although he never called it that), and so will you.

Nora obviously ploughed through an enormous amount of research to write this book, and she summarizes it quite nicely. She explains biochemical concepts clearly, while managing to sneak in a bit of humor here and there – always a plus with me. I enjoy a book when the information is dense, but the writing style isn’t.

The sections dealing depression and alcoholism are especially eye-opening. We’ve been told over and over that these are mental or spiritual conditions. Perhaps they are … but perhaps they are caused or at least aggravated by the wrong diet as well.

Overall, an excellent read and an excellent resource.

-Tom Naughton
Comedian (and former health writer), and creator of film FAT HEAD

“A Must Read”

My only problem with this book is that it wasn’t written years ago. Unfortunately I had to explore many dead ends in trying to find my own path to better health. Much of the truth that I finally found for myself plus a great deal more is finally pulled together in one very readable volume. I would urge anyone who is searching for answers to read it, experiment the author’s suggestions and see for yourself if this is, in fact, the true truth.


“She walks her talk”

I have actually had the chance to meet Nora, which makes what she writes even more valuable to me. So often you meet healthcare providers, and they just don’t look healthy themselves. It does not inspire me to follow their advice. Nora is the perfect example of “walking her talk”, she looks vibrant, healthy, and her mind is clear and (well) just plain amazing.

I encourage everyone to read this book, it will change your life. I am a working Nutritional Therapist and recommend this book to all my clients.

Tracy Bosnian NTP, CH.

“It’s A Health Plan So Easy Even An Unga Bunga Caveman Can Do It!”

Unga bunga! Me Tarzan. You Jane. How we eat? Meat yummy. Fat yummy too. Fish sometimes yummy. I eat few plants, berries, and nuts. No worry about calories. And run real fast from hungry predators from time to time, too.

That is, in a nutshell, what Paleolithic living was like thousands of years ago when grocery stores and gyms didn’t even exist. And author Nora Gedgaudas uses humor, science-based facts, and sometimes common sense to debunk many of the myths we have been told about weight and health control in the 21st Century.

She shares quite heavily throughout the book on the benefits of consuming fat for burning stored body fat while allowing your body to function at the highest level possible. In our bassackwards world of high-carb, low-fat eating, Gedgaudas notes that our early ancestors understood healthy nutrition and exercise much better than we do and we could learn a lot from our primal predecessors.

Quoting and referencing some of the biggest names is the world of healthy high-fat, low-carb nutrition research and education-Eades, Enig, Fallon, Schwarzbein, Stefansson, Cordain, Mercola, Gannon, Pollan, Ravnskov, Taubes, Shai, Sears-this is yet another book to complement your healthy lifestyle change away from the conventional wisdom of our day back to the diet we were meant to be eating all along.

-Jimmy Moore
Author of Livin’ la Vida Low Carb

“If you want to really know about how your brain and body work, read this book!”

Thom Hartmann
Author of several books on ADD, including:

Beyond ADD
Healing ADD
ADD Success Stories
The Edison Gene

“Every so often, you encounter a gem among the dross competing for your attention. Such is the case with Primal Body — Primal Mind, written by Nora Gedgaudas.”

This manuscript is a nutritional treasure map leading to optimal wellness, the way nature intended. The author has outlined and detailed a thorough documentation of nutritional principles and has linked them directly to evolutionary history. More importantly, she has provided direct guidelines for shopping and eating in ways that will eliminate a host of physiological and mental disorders and restore followers to the natural condition of health and wellness that accrues from eating as we were biologically designed.

Gedgaudas’ manuscript is loaded with facts, numbers, and startling revelations, but it is also replete with understandable explanations and solutions tied to everyday actions and changes that anyone can make. Even if you read it without any intention of changing your diet, Primal Body — Primal Mind is a nonfictional excursion into the realm of biology, politics, and self-care that you will never get from formal academic education. It is worth reading as a short, comprehensible course in the biochemistry of behavior and of consumerism. Her approach to the (Paleolithic) dietary habits that have sustained humans without pills or potions for millennia stands in stark and clean defiance against the nonsense peddled for our allegiance and dollars so relentlessly.

Gedgaudas teaches things that your mother should have, and she does so without nagging or sermonizing. Her writing is eloquent, factual, and straightforward, and she provides many practical tips, including websites and other resources. Her arguments and data are scientifically documented, and the manuscript is well-organized and easily referenced.

Reading Gedgaudas’ jewel might make you a bit sheepish about how you’ve been duped by so many commercial interests, including the diet and publishing industries. Quickly, however, you will be grateful for her leadership out of the wilderness of illness and digestive trickery that so easily nickel-and-dimes us away from truly feeling good and maintaining ourselves and a high quality of life.

In reading Primal Body — Primal Mind, it becomes obvious that Gedgaudas cares for herself and for others. I know this firsthand, since Nora is a colleague engaged in the clinical practice of EEG neurotherapy. As a neuropsychologist with 30 years of experience and the author of a popular book on brain training and mental fitness, I endorse Nora’s reputation and expertise in the clinical care of people by using the scientific techniques about which I have written. She is among the elite of professionals who can restore health and promote growth by harnessing nature’s principles with effective care.

I have learned a lot from Nora and from Primal Body — Primal Mind, and I believe that this is “must” reading for anyone serious about health care and self-care.”

Mark Steinberg, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Neuropsychologist
NBC Medical Consultant
Author of ADD: The 20-Hour Solution

“With the flood of information regarding nutrition currently available, one is happy to find a coherent picture emerging out of a simple organizing principle: how did our long biological history condition us to eat?”

“The answer is available to us, and is unsurprisingly congenial to our tastes. Happily, also, it may lead us back to a natural pathway to health, as we shed some of the downsides of our recent agricultural revolution, our more recent industrialization of food sources, and our most recent depletion of agricultural soils. In this incisive book, Nora Gedgaudas lights a path toward dietary discretion and natural health that obliterates much of the standard dietary doctrine along the way. Larger truths have a tendenct to be simple. It is so here as well. The practical implementation in our commercial world may be less so, but the venture is worthwhile.”

Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist EEG Institute
Co-Author: ADD:The 20-Hour Solution

“Nora Gedgaudus’ Primal Body-Primal Mind is a must read for the Western World.”

Ms. Gedgaudas has gleaned profound nutritional truths from ancient societies to contemporary experts and succinctly shared them to benefit all of us in this modern era.

The book is insightful, practical, witty, straightforward, and filled with phenomenal resources for anyone interested in becoming empowered to improve their own health and well-being. The message is timely, relevant and the “natural approach” to health based on early nutritional pioneers is critically important. Ms. Gedgaudus’ book serves as a poignant wake up call for all of us and provides guidance through the confusing maize of commercial interests that surround us.”

Vincent Samatowic, M.Ed
Biotics Research
Nutritonal Consultant

“When you read (Nora’s) work, rest assured you are not reading a regurgitated version of whatever is in fashion, but instead the careful harvest of decades of careful research, application and observation.”

“She offers what so little do in these days of health food mania and hyped-up marketing– a sane voice of reason.”

Elaine Fawcett, MJ, NT,
Health Journalist and Nutritional Therapist

“I have read Nora Gedgaudas book, Primal Body–Primal Mind, and use it as a reference manual. It is thoroughly researched, and loaded with information on how and what to eat for optimal health.”

“If you follow her recommendations, it will lead you to a more healthy life.”

Carol Bourland, NTP
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Portand, OR

“The best thing I can say about Nora’s insightful book is that I’m using her expertise to help my whole family get stronger.”

“Sometimes, there is so much to remember, I feel like it’s never going to work. Then, almost like magic, everything falls into place and it feels like I’m in the middle of a real miracle.”

Portland, OR

“I should keep a stack of your books in my office because I’m always referring clients to it.”

“People often come to me for counseling help, thinking I’m going to talk to them in high fallutin’ spiritual terms, yet for many I tell them they need to get a hold of their diet and nutrition and stop abusing their body. In my 30 year study of Kaballah and Tarot, we say “First the body, then the mind, then the spirit.” Most people want to leap to a spiritual reward while neglecting their body, but it can’t be done. So your book and information is, in essence, Spirituality 101….”

Don Clarkson
Psychic and Life Coach

“Nora’s book, while full of highly technical information that is referenced with exhaustive detail is able to be understood by the layman.”

“Time and time again after reading a new chapter I’d find myself thinking “this makes perfect sense!” Upon completing Nora’s book I immediately set in motion changes that are dramatically influencing my health. I feel like a born again fanatic in some ways………and as I do my own research I keep finding a commonality with so many people who are embracing this new way of eating and approaching health!”

Portland, OR

“Your state-of-the-art knowledge of nutrition and the body is encyclopedic. No wonder you’re one of the most highly regarded practitioners in the field.”

Tina Gilbertson, M.A.
Personal Growth/Career Development
37 SW Jefferson St.
Portland, Oregon 97201
Tel: 503-544-6179

“Primal Body-Primal Mind is a fabulous compilation of FACTS not fads about the nutritional needs of the human body.”

“By reading this book you will understand how our culture has gotten away from eating the foods we were meant to eat and learn what your body truly needs to not only exist, but to thrive. If you find yourself getting lost in the fodder the general media spews, come back to Nora’s book for a clear understanding about the physiology of the body and its nutritional needs. You can’t help but wrap your mind around the information in this book and feel an intuitive desire to follow the words put forth. It is an inspiration. I keep Nora’s book on the surface to lend to friends and clients when answers are needed about the fundamentals of proper nutrition. ”

Kelly Barber, NTP
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Portland, OR

“As a Nutritional Therapist I use Nora’s book all the time. It has saved me from having to “reinvent the wheel” each time I want to give my clients some great information.”

“The chapter on fats alone is worth the price of the book. I have so many clients who are afraid of good fats; they think any fat is bad. This leads them to a lifetime of problems, and possibly even the loss of their gallbladder. And the chapter on “Dispelling the Cholesterol Myth” is a must read for everyone. It has been helpful to have a client read one of the chapters in Nora’s book and literally watch the “light bulb” go on when they understand what she is telling them. As a practitioner, it is a must have for your library. As a layperson it is a must have for better health.”

Tracy Bosnian NTP, CH
Portland, OR

“In Nora’s book, Primal Body—Primal Mind, I learned that there were many foods that I thought were good nutrition but were really very unhealthy.”

“It helped me understand that fat is a friend not and enemy. It’s wonderful to enjoy whole milk, butter, oils etc. and not gain weight! When I eat something now I stop and think of how this food is making me feel— is it fueling me or taking my energy? Many people reach for a candy bar for energy not thinking how after the sugar rush they have less energy… I’m in control of what I eat and I can say no to those foods that “comforted” me for me years.”

Tigard, OR

“When I stumbled onto Nora’s book, I’d already read a lot trying to address my own life long health and weight issues. I was skeptical that I’d find anything new. But this book showed me a blueprint for getting healthy and being trim that is absolutely unique.”

“Nora connected dots I didn’t even know existed. It is fascinating. And, it’s clear to me that this is the foundation. This is where we have to start if we want to be healthy all our lives. It convinced me to eat differently, and I made changes without feeling deprived. At 66, I’m experiencing a resurgence of energy and vitality and a trimmer body – it’s changed my whole perspective on my future!”

Rae Latham
Vice President

Client and Professional Testimonials

“I had a cluster of abnormal blood vessels near my brain stem that hemorrhaged causing my brain to swell which led to emergency brain surgery. It was a miracle that I survived. During my recovery after brain surgery, I had many symptoms that caused me to be miserable. I had anxiety, head pain, nausea, memory, dizziness and balance issues. My doctors said there was really nothing they could do for me except to prescribe medications.

Then I found neurofeedback which alleviated the problems I was having. During my sessions with Nora, she would talk to me about proper nutrient dense nutrition. I followed her recommendations and my health improved tremendously. The combination of brain training along with Nora’s dietary and supplement recommendations accelerated my recovery and healing process.

Today I feel healthier than I’ve ever been in my life and I owe it all to Nora.

I do want to say that emergency medicine and brain surgery saved my life, but neurofeedback and Nora’s recommended dietary changes gave me my life back.

Nora is an extraordinary therapist – she has the background, education and experience but is also extremely passionate, intuitive and a healer.

I am so grateful to Nora for supporting me in my healing process.”

“Nora’s dietary changes gave me my life back.”

Lisa Collins, LMT
Portland, OR

“As a step-mother of two young boys with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), I had tried for 3 years to find help for them and found nothing. There’s such resistance in our society to recognize this disorder, for a variety of reasons. When I met Nora Gedgaudas, I knew this she was the last hope for my boys. Living with 2 mentally ill children is hard enough, but raising my own child in that environment affects that child forever. However impossible the task seemed, I knew there was a way for all three of my children to overcome their challenging early years.”

“I feel like I’ve found the cure for the incurable.”

“Nora’s book lit the way for this process. We made changes in every aspect of our diet and lives. As an added bonus, I have found out that I am gluten intolerant as is my daughter. We switched to the least homogenized dairy products available for the kids and only buy naturally raised meat. We limit our starch intake and have increased our fat intake – we buy the Kerrygold butter. What else does a person need? We buy all organic produce and eggs laid by chickens who are free to roam and eat bugs. We start every day with whole soft-boiled eggs and I pack the kids’ lunches with meat, salad, nuts and some berries. Dinner is meat and veggies with butter. Our kids are happy, healthy and best of all; they’re healing their own bodies and brains with Nora’s help.

The best thing I can say about Nora’s insightful book is that I’m using her expertise to help my whole family get stronger. Sometimes, there is so much to remember, I feel like it’s never going to work. Then, almost like magic, everything falls into place and it feels like I’m in the middle of a real miracle.
As a chef and mother – nutrition is of great importance to me. Nora’s help has led me to understand more deeply the relationship we all have with food on this planet. I am deeply and eternally grateful to have found Nora for my two boys. I don’t believe there’s a soul alive who wouldn’t benefit from her wonderful work. I feel truly blessed to know her and be one of the many (I’m sure) she has helped.”


Portland, OR

“I had the opportunity to view the segment that you did for the State of Washington mental health project. It was outstanding. It provides an amazing short course on the basics of nutrition filled with truth and wisdom. Every service provider in the state should be required to watch it.

“You do, indeed, have a gift for teaching.”

Nutritional Therapy Association
Olympia, WA

“The proof for me is how I’ve dramatically changed my life.”

“Nora’s book, while full of highly technical information that is referenced with exhaustive detail is able to be understood by the layman. Time and time again after reading a new chapter I’d find myself thinking “this makes perfect sense!” Upon completing Nora’s book I immediately set in motion changes that are dramatically influencing my health. I feel like a born again fanatic in some ways… and as I do my own research I keep finding a commonality with so many people who are embracing this new way of eating and approaching health!

Some changes include: Eating (as much as I possibly can whenever I can…..I’d say that I’m at 85%) all local organic foods including grass fed beef, farm raised poultry and pork, raw milk cheese and yogurt. I’ve completely given up Splenda in favor of Stevia which I love.

I now patronize restaurants that buy from local organic sources… the difference in flavor is dramatic! I also love the fact that I’m helping my local economy in a small way… family farms and orchards… the little guys who are willing to do what it takes and risk so much for health and well being. These are wonderful people!

I’m now using coconut oil as a moisturizer and have thrown away a drawer full of expensive beauty products… my skin feels silky soft… and it’s cheap! Nora said “don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t put in your mouth.” Once again, it makes sense… DUH!!!

I’m so thankful that I was introduced to Nora… she’s on a mission… to help. To educate. To heal. To end suffering. To bring vitality and strength! There’s a selflessness and purity about her. I’m enjoying the benefits of Nora’s years of study and research. I’m going to live longer and healthier. I wish I would have known this years and years ago!”


Portland, OR

“Getting to see Nora teach was a great experience.”

“When faced with the difficult questions that only a room full of Nutritionist and ND’s can ask, she was able to give us answers with clarity and make it look so easy! We as a nation are faced with so much bad information on fats and cholesterol. Nora has up to date information that is not just hearsay, but documented and peer reviewed. Now if we could only get her to sing for us! Thanks Nora for all of your knowledge!”

Tracy Bosnian NTP, CH
Portland, OR

“Nora is a diligent and thoughtful nutritionist. As a client of hers, I was impressed by how often she patiently explained to me the biological concepts behind her nutritional work.”

“I continue to live by what she has taught me, with great results.”

Portland, OR

“Nora is an amazing font of knowledge about how to stay healthy through diet and nutrition. She looks at each person from many vantage points, so I feel like I’ve received very tailored advice and recommendations from her.”

“I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to understand as well as improve their health.”

Portland, OR

“When it comes to nutritional therapy, Nora Gedgaudas’s brilliance is matched only by her passion.”

She is an exhaustive researcher, a successful clinician with a never-ending waiting list, as well as a compassionate, intuitive healer. When you read her work, rest assured you are not reading a regurgitated version of whatever is in fashion, but instead the careful harvest of decades of careful research, application and observation. She offers what so little do in these days of health food mania and hyped-up marketing– a sane voice of reason.”

Elaine Fawcett, MJ, CNT,
Health Journalist and Nutritional Therapist

“I frequently request a nutritional consult from (Nora) for my own clients. I trust her knowledge and research.”

Caroline Grierson, RN, BSN
Certified Neurofeedback Therapist for a multidisciplinary Pain Management Group affiliated with UCLA

“We cannot thank Nora enough for the valuable insight she brought to our family as to what Neurofeedback and diet can do to help our son…”

Albany, OR

“About a year ago I had an anaphylactic shock response to shellfish, requiring a visit to the ER. Over the next eight months I had 6 or 7 additional anaphylactic responses, but with foods I had never before had an allergic response to. Finally the ambulance EMT told me that the shots of epinephrine I was having to take to stop the anaphylactic responses were going to eventually stop my heart, and the same day the ER physician told me that my life was at stake and I needed to change my diet completely, but offered little for me to effect this change.

This was frustrating for me because that morning I had gone into shock simply by having a mug of tea. I saw an allergist, who eventually said that he thought my immune system had turned on itself and I was probably heading towards Multiple Sclerosis, and he felt he could do nothing to stop the degradation of my immune system. I then called a well-known chiropractor and gave him my history, but because I had been diagnosed by the allergist with Idiopathic Anaphylactic Response, he said that my condition was too serious for him to become involved. I was devastated by these doctor’s responses and felt as though I had nowhere to turn.

But then I went to see Nora, and she asked me more than anyone had about the circumstances of my allergic reactions. Nora helped me with my leaky gut syndrome which was causing not only the allergic reactions but other health issues from which I had suffered for decades. She ordered a very thorough blood chemistry profile that yielded some useful insights, and advised me on diet, nutrition and supplements to help rebuild my immune system.”

“Under Nora’s care I no longer have allergic reactions and I feel healthier and more energetic than I have in 10 years. I think that Nora’s remarkable knowledge, intelligence, insight, and compassion has brought me back to a state of hope and health.”

Susan Courtney
Portland, OR

“I have to date lost 22 lbs and am off Zoloft. All thanks to you. You are a goddess.”

Don Clarkson
Personal Coach
Portland, OR

“Nora was instrumental in assisting our son, a sophomore in high school, with Asperger’s Syndrome. Nora also worked closely with us in treating our own situational and endogenous depression as our family went through several crises. We came to know and appreciate Nora’s extensive knowledge not only in the field of Neurofeedback but in Nutritional support, as well.”

“Without reservation, we highly recommend Nora. Her professionalism, dedication, communication skills and her ethical standards are of the highest caliber.”

J.E.M., R.N.
Eugene, OR

“With her broad understanding of the healthy functioning of the brain and body, the depth of her experience and her personal commitment to each of her clients Nora Gedgaudas is a rare find.”

J.B.M., JD
Eugene, OR

“Nora Gedgaudas is a dedicated professional and an expert in the area of nutrition. Her insight into nutritional principles has empowered me to learn how lead a healthier existence.”

“With her help my quality of life has dramatically improved.”

Luke G. Rogers
Portland, Oregon

“Nora Gedgaudas uses a unique combination of science, intuition, and years of accumulated experience to assemble the complex puzzle pieces of each client; genetics, diet, environment, medical history—all the elements which affect health and brain function…. With a lifelong dedication to nutrition and holistic approaches to health, I have found Neurofeedback and Nora’s professional integrity, dedication and personal investment in the success of the process to be a true gift, allowing me to lift my depression and continue my life without medication.”

“A most sincere thank you for a life changing experience.”

Lake Oswego, OR

P.S. Unfortunately, at Nora’s recommendation I made the mistake of trying KerryGold butter and currently am being treated for a profound addiction to the product. It is proving to be much more difficult to cure than the depression was, as currently I have no real interest in actually stopping the addiction. But I am sure with Nora’s vast knowledge of brain function she will also prevail in ultimately curing my addiction to this wonderful substance. 🙂

I first began my journey towards health and wellness with a visit to a naturopathic doctor in the desperate hopes of being hypnotized out of my seemingly uncontrollable food cravings, particularly for carbohydrates. They were so relentless. I quite literally felt imprisoned by them and believed the only way to freedom was to go in and tinker with the mind and “erase” them, if I could. Seems crazy, huh? Well, miraculously, I discovered they could be erased. Not through the mind, but through the body.

Having decided against being hypnotized, instead—through a series of very fortunate events over the next two years—I ended up studying nutritional therapy at a local college where Nora was one of the teachers. I was immediately impressed with her vast wealth of knowledge, her inspired and often humorous articulation of nutritional principles, her (also often humorous) style when addressing the fallacies inherent in most “common” or conventional nutritional principles, and her important and brilliant book. I also became quite curious about this Neurofeedback thing she was doing. After an illuminating explanation of what it is and what it can do, I became a client. Turns out Neurofeedback is yet another miracle in Nora’s arsenal of miracles…but that’s another story.

While studying Nutritional Therapy as well as my experience as a Neurofeedback client have both proven invaluable, it was Nora’s expert nutritional guidance during those hour-long Neurofeedback sessions twice a week over the time I worked with her that have truly change my life. It was for me the veritable equivalent of attending a one-on-one graduate level course with one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the country. I say “scientific” because Nora has the mind of a true scientist. I often make the joke that she won’t eat a sunflower seed until she has researched where the president of the company went to grade school (or more likely the soil the seed was grown in). If Nora recommends anything, be it a dietary recommendation, a supplement, a nutritional protocol or philosophy, you can rest assured that she has thoroughly researched all aspects and, dare I say, you can follow her advice—blindly. Nora, of course, would strongly encourage you to follow with your own research, as any good “scientist” would. Myself, having read so many varying ideas and opinions I had read myself into a corner not knowing what to believe, am very grateful to have access to someone whose professional opinion and advice I trust implicitly.

I trust her opinion implicitly because it is neither anecdotal nor imbued with agenda or religious-like zeal, it is simply unbiased sound logic based on scientific facts and therefore easily, undeniably recognized as true. It also works.

Moreover, Nora has the intuitive, creative ability to take all the information before her and make connections, find holes, recognize patterns, see how things relate to each other and thus find solutions and possibilities that may never occur to others. I experienced this first-hand when Nora speculated that perhaps the reason for the stubborn plateau in my progress could be due to a rarely known condition called Pyroluria and recommended testing. Turned out she was absolutely right. This genetic condition has without doubt been the cause of most of my eventual health problems since birth, a condition that no other health professional has ever (nor do I believe anyone else ever would have) thought to consider. Once finally addressed and following Nora’s nutritional and supplemental recommendations, my progress began to soar to heights unimagined.

Experiencing my health emerge like the peeling of an onion (and, yes, there were tears); with each layer I was ever more inspired to take it further. It began with the elimination of the obvious dietary “bad guys”—sugar and (at that point, only most) starchy carbohydrates—with each educative session with Nora something else was eliminated from (or added to) my diet until I discovered I was totally free from those food cravings! So free, in fact, that I almost didn’t notice. While it didn’t happen overnight, I can stand now in front of a table full of bread and desserts and touch nothing. It is not a test of will or an act of restraint or any other directive of the mind; it is as if these foods do not even exist. It is as if the cravings have been erased! As if I’ve hit an internal reset button and my body is no longer inclined to nor recognizes such foods as nourishment—because they in fact are not! Quite a feat for a native New Yorker having lived most of life on a diet of pizza, bagels, and pastrami’s on rye! (Married to a chef…an Italian chef!)

All kidding aside, what I am saying is that it absolutely can be done. Cravings for foods that do not serve your health can be, so to speak, erased from the body’s memory. I had heard that notion before but thought myself the only person on the planet it simply would not be true for, so in those ever immortal words I say to you, “if I can do it, you can do it.”

In closing, let me add that the erasing of the food cravings though a great accomplishment is only one layer on this grand cake (albeit the layer with the icing on top), the benefits to my health from my energy to how I look (I feel like I’m getting younger!) are numerous and most certainly can be for anyone who applies the principles you will find on this website or in Nora’s book or anywhere else she might share with us her years of dedicated, vigilant, proven, and applied research.

The most exciting aspect of what Nora is doing, though, is the synthesis between an evolutionary approach to diet and lifestyle (of which she has long been an advocate) with the very latest breakthroughs in understanding life-expansion and anti-aging. This marriage of the old and new (borrowed and blue?) is what puts her right on the very edge of the cutting edge. As a nutritional therapist and as a person having gone through this entire process personally, I urge you to make use of the information on this website. Give yourself one month, just one month following these principles and see for yourself the transformation! Because if you have happened upon this site then you may well have happened upon the very threshold to the future of how we will approach human health and longevity! You may even have stumbled upon the fountain of youth!”

“Or, as some of us are now saying, “the Holy Grail” of health!”

Portland, Oregon

“Before I started seeing Nora I didn’t believe I would ever get better. I had been to a hand full of doctors and through a slew of tests that brought about nothing but a large bill from my health insurance company. At the time I was suffering from acid reflux (diagnosed as gastro-esophageal reflux disorder) that was so serious that I had been on prescribed acid blocker medication for several years. The anxiety of my illness, believe it or not, actually sent me to the hospital with a severe panic attack. After this, I called a family member; they recommended Nora. I called her and made my first appointment. After
that session I noticed results. I felt positive and was coping with stress more effectively. From then on I fallowed her nutritional therapy program. After a few months my acid reflux was completely gone. Keep in mind I had been on serious medication for years. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of this therapy, I encourage you to give Nora’s nutritional plan a try. It changed my life for the better.”

“It has been four years now and I continue to be medication-free and feel well.”

K. Hartmann
Portland, OR