Real Meat To Be Replaced by “Plant-Based Meats”


Financial Times just released a new article titled, “Silicon Valley sets sights on disrupting meat industry” and we all need to sit up and take notice.

It looks as though Bill Gates, his Silicon Valley minions and other multinational corporate interests have set their sights on replacing real meat with what they inexplicably term “plant-based meats” (Again–WTF?) in the diets of Americans. And if you happen to be reading this from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, China or anyplace else and think all this is meant to stop with America, then guess again.

Bill Gates wants to control our food supply

Bill Gates has basically secured the national US distribution rights for veggie burgers (made from wheat and soy, no less) as part of a concerted effort to replace real meat in the diet of Americans (just for starters) with fake meat made from substances humans were never meant to eat in the first place. God save us all.

It’s easy to sit back and laugh about this, but I think we all need to take this information very, very seriously. Efforts on the part of these forces, who are also essentially using vegetarian and vegan fundamentalist extremists as their mouthpiece through a series well funded, ill-conceived and scientifically devoid documentaries.  This all has the very real potential to undermine the health of every living thing on the planet. There has never been a more destructive human force on planet Earth than agriculture—and monoculture agriculture is the Godzilla of them all. We all need to understand that none of this is being implemented “for our own good” (even though it is operating under such a guise), but in the name of massive profit.

I have stated many times— and will likely state many times more— that there likely isn’t a single multinational corporate interest that would not be heavily invested in every man, woman and child consuming a carbohydrate-based (especially grain and legume-based) diet. It is cheap and easy to produce, almost immeasurably profitable (there’s no way you can make a 5000% profit on a grass fed steak like you can a box of cereal) and it keeps whoever happens to be eating a diet like this more or less perpetually hungry. How fabulous for Bill Gates…and Monsanto. (Well, Monsanto and the rest of Big Agribusiness, Big Oil, the Food Industry, Biotech Industry, Chemical industry, Big Pharma, and the entire For-Profit Medical Industry…along with Jenny Craig, Undertaker Industry and likely a few others.)

This new entrepreneurial effort on the part of Bill Gates and Silicon Valley has literally nothing whatever to do with altruism or your well-being. It is about power and economic interest and taking a complete control over the food supply. In short, the implications of all this are cataclysmic for not only human health, but the health of the entire planet. The goal is to feed us like livestock so that we can then, in turn, be treated like livestock. We are in effect being led to our own slaughter. I know these are strong words, but the implications of all this are crystal clear for anyone with eyes to see and more than two neurons in their heads holding hands.

In an effort to help set the record straight, I donated $1000 to a film project being headed by CJ Hunt, who previously released the documentary, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet”.  This new documentary is titled, “Dispelling the Lies.”  The subject of this new and important film project is focused on animal source foods: their effect on health, sustainability and how the planet is under constant attack by pseudoscience propaganda films like “What The Health”, “Cowspiracy” and “Forks Over Knives”.  I encourage everyone reading this to help contribute to this effort. Documentaries are a powerful way to affect the hearts and minds of the public and a great way to help a message go viral. Let’s give them an accurate one based on reality and true science for a change. This is an important part of what is needed to turn the tide of misinformation and disinformation (and worse) that we are all being subjected to.

Here is the link to the documentary webpage where you can get involved:

Bill Gates is playing for keeps, and we need to as well. And we better get moving.

Here’s why Bill Gates owns a corner on this market. It’s not about altruism, it’s about MONEY.

Please help me support “Dispelling The Lies” by making a donation through my team’s fundraising page to Seize The Day Media. Even a small donation will help me achieve my goal! (The process is fast, easy, and secure.) Thanks so much for your support.


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  1. Grant Ellers says

    Many thanks Nora for bringing this madness to our attention although I can’t say I’m at all surprised given some of the things I’ve become accustomed to reading the last few years.

  2. Aston Bloom says

    I add my thanks, Nora, for this article. There are already way too many “edible food-like substances”, as Michael Pollan would say, out there. I’ve read Primal Fat Burner, and was very impressed. Keep up the good work!

  3. Doris says

    I don’t understand the drive for power and those who abuse other humans and Life. We went through hard times when I was young and money for food came after the house payment, car payment, heating bill, etc. People have to buy cheap foods so much of the time to be able to feed their children, which already breaks my heart, but hearing about the agenda of this cheap (destructive) food movement really worries me further. Thank you for the awareness on it.

  4. Ann Satterthwaite says

    Thank you Nora for your passion. We are now in our 60s and embrace a Paleo diet. We have long come to realize that there is no end to human stupid and this really does take the cake.

  5. Leslie E Bauer says

    Hi Nora,
    Along with the very serious dumbing down via dietary carbs that are genetically engineered and the glyphosate spraying of all the rest of the grains, the pharmaceutical giants are very clearly supporting -either intentionally or as a result of the big AG – killing off pollinators that are bringing us food sources other than the said grains. Then, of course, everyone is fed ‘drugs’ to cure their chronic diseases of modern civilization. If ever one even thinks that this isn’t THE foundational issue that is driving all the other insidious connections to our horrifically bad HEALTH in this country, welll….just wake up people and take personal responsibility and share ALL the real truth. There has also been a number of other online docuseries lately that I have paid close attention too: Biblical Health Secrets and IThrive which both are heavily promoting the vegan diet. I am a recovering vegetarian of 25 years. Animal protein saved my life, along with potent fats. Love YOUR work and much gratitude for telling the TRUTH , the real TRUTH.

  6. Barry Coltham says

    In South Africa we are used to greed from a political angle
    This greed from people like Gates is inexplicable
    Monsanto have always been difficult to understand
    Thank you Nora for your work

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