Double Audio CD Set

Optimizing Human and Planetary Health

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Nora Gedgaudas

  • What is the “Paleo Diet” and why do we need to go “Beyond the Paleo Diet” in today’s world?
  • Why the diet our ancient ancestors ate might be different from what is optimal for us today.
  • Why you should become a “fat burner” instead of a “sugar burner”.
  • How eating only fully grass-fed meats can improve your health and even save the world!
  • The myth of the link between saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease and why fat just might be the most important macronutrient of all!
  • Why the diet Nora describes in her book might be the least expensive way to eat for maximized health in existence!
  • And much, much more! (2 hours of audio)


    “Nora is one of the leading voices in the growing world wide movement of qualified practitioners/nutritionists who’s aim it is to give back to people the power of their health and the ability to control it. She debunks many of the ‘manufactured truths’ of research funded by the food and pharmaceutical industry designed to make them money. Her set of CD’s are great for any person in the infancy of their journey toward optimum health and also as a good refresher for someone well along the track, for fine tuning our path and as a good reminder to stay on track as they were for us. Every time we listen to them, we hear another piece of information to add to our memory bank. Nora’s information has taken us to the next level of understanding in the quest for optimum health. If you are not into Nora’s information, you are missing out.”

    ~ Joanne and Scott Smith, Dubbo, NSW, Australia.

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