What is the Primalgenic® Diet and Lifestyle?

The Primalgenic® Diet and Lifestyle was originally created by Nora Gedgaudas based on her clinical work and research of over 35 years. You can find more information about her work in her books, Primal Body Primal Mind and Primal Fat Burner as well as her website, www.primalbody-primalmind.com.

Primalgenic® is defined as a low-utilizable carbohydrate, moderate protein and high percentage fat-based ketogenic diet based on foods of uncompromising quality (organic, non-GMO, 100% fully pasture fed/finished/naturally foraged) in alignment with our human evolutionary and genetic heritage.

This dietary approach also takes into account the science of human longevity research, autoimmunity and the uniquely challenging modern world we live in today.

It additionally allows for the inclusion of an extremely wide variety of fibrous vegetables and greens (as desired or tolerated), providing additional phyto-nutrients, antioxidants and added fodder for our embattled microbiome (also allowing for added bulk and satisfaction).

Finally, this dietary approach embraces the highest standards of sustainability and humane, ethical food production; always with en eye toward both human and planetary health.

(Note: Primalgenic® is an officially registered trademark. If you want to use the term Primalgenic, you must obtain permission by Nora Gedgaudas)

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