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FIRST OF ALL:  I just wanted to send out an extra special thank you to those of you who attended my book release event and charity gala here in Portland this last Saturday. You braved the elements and showed up dressed fabulously! It was really clear that everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and your feedback has been glowing. It was an amazing evening. I cannot thank you enough for being there!

I also want to thank those of you who may not have actually attended, but who contributed generously to the success of the event through monetary donations. I am deeply grateful.

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A word to all of my sponsors:  

First and foremost, I want to thank John Wood of US Wellness Meats for supplying such extraordinary quality meat, broth and other food items to the dinner. Your meat (etc) was a huge hit and made the evening extra extraordinary! I hope everyone remembers this the next time they are interested in ordering 100% grass fed and finished meat they can trust for its quality and excellence. See

I also want to thank Dry Farm Wines and Tim White for providing such an exquisite wine selection during the dinner, and for providing full bottles of your amazing wine to all who attended. You have completely won me over! I hope everyone at the event will consider subscribing to their monthly membership so that they will never be without the best and most healthful quality wine for any special occasion.

The Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) and Eric Bowman (NTA’s executive Director) has my undying gratitude for exclusively sponsoring hardcover copies of my new book, Primal Fat Burner to each and every attendee at this event! I am hopeful that many of the attendees and others reading this that are not already NTA graduates will consider your outstanding nutritional certification program for their nutritional education needs and aspirations here throughout the US, as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand (see and, respectively). Some classes are also available now in Asia and Europe. NTA–Yours is the only certification program I am aware of that is not driven by the mainstream (corporately influenced), outdated, tired/failed and misinformed US dietary guidelines. Kudos to you all for your educational integrity, and a heartfelt thank you for your ongoing support of my work!

A heartfelt THANKS to Walleye Direct for 1) making truly clean, sustainably caught (while also supporting indigenous fisherman) and simply delicious fresh fish available to conscientious consumers through your online store (  2) generously supplying my event with your wonderful fish. Other than Ora King salmon from New Zealand (which is far more expensive and harder to obtain), your beautiful fish is literally the only seafood from the northern hemisphere I am at all comfortable recommending to anyone anymore. And your walleye is some of the best walleye I have ever eaten. Coming from a lifelong Minnesotan, that’s saying something! 

A sincere THANK YOU to Vivacity Fine Spirits for generously providing such uniquely high quality/conscientious spirits and cocktails for this event. Your unique drink recipes were an absolute hit!

I want to thank David Cole and Mieke Schierer of Fatworks for their amazingly generous donation of the world’s best quality cooking fats (rich in multiple beneficial fat soluble nutrients and essential fatty acids unique to 100% grass-fed/pastured sources) that money can buy for the amazing dinner we all enjoyed, and for their effort to supply every single attendee with a swag sample of the most extraordinary cooking fat of all time: goose fat. Unfortunately, the goose fat sample delivery to the event was held up by Portland’s freak “snowpocalypse”… but I encourage everyone of you to support this business and make Fatworks your exclusive stop for animal cooking fats that you can absolutely 100% trust for their quality and integrity. Other imitation brands of animal cooking fat have emerged in the marketplace more recently and have attempted to misleadingly market their deceptively inferior products at a seemingly lower price. DO NOT be fooled by lesser quality imitations and wannabe’s (particularly those owned and marketed by multinational food corporations). Fatworks is THE REAL DEAL. It is important that we all support small companies like this one that are working so meticulously and painstakingly hard on behalf your health and on behalf of sustainability to do the right thing! This business has impeccable integrity and has absolutely earned my eternal loyalty.

Sandeep Agarwal—what can I say? Your nourishing and delectable 100% organic, pasture-fed and finished Cultured Ghee and (cultured) Turmeric Superghee (by Pure Indian Foods) are literally the only dairy products left in my diet. Thank you for so generously supplying your wonderful product to the wonderful dinner during my event. Your commitment to integrity and to meticulous testing, and your commitment to the health and welfare of your customers may just be second to none. I am careful to promote your Cultured Ghee products over anyone/everyone else’s for its quality, taste and above all, its safety for those of us suffering from an immune reactivity to dairy products. And your product supplies such a rich plethora of key fat-soluble nutrients (butyric acid for colon health and anti-cancer benefits, vitamin A, D3, beta carotene, and especially vitamin K2…plus fat-burning and anti-cancer CLA and so much more). Kudos to you for setting an example every company in the world should be following. No one else’s ghee could ever hold a candle to yours!

Another special thank you to Steve Tinsky of Wild Mountain Paleo. Your awesome (and beautiful customized) swag and support are deeply appreciated. Your added help in supplying coconut wraps for dining attendees at my event at the last minute helped save the day!  Wild Mountain Paleo is unique among all other online “Paleo friendly” food stores due to your unwavering integrity and special attention to making sure the health of your customers are safeguarded from GMO’s, additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other unacceptable “nasties”.  For those of you interested in items at Steve’s store that I personally endorse, please check out the following link:

I additionally want to thank the following persons and/or businesses for making this event such a resounding success:

Allan Savory of is one of my great living heroes in this world and an inspiration to all who care about the planet and sustainable food production. Allan’s visual live presence and spoken words at this event elevated us all and left even those already familiar with his work filled with renewed inspiration for furthering the cause. I am forever grateful for his work and his friendship.

Crystal Bauer Feldman (event planner) – OMG Crystal… this event would never have even happened were it not for your creative brilliance, tenacity and your unwavering commitment to making this extraordinary evening a total success. I will be forever and ever grateful to you for absolutely everything.

Tyler Boggs of Heart2Heart Farms gave an inspirational talk about the extraordinary possibilities and realities of making REAL food available to all persons and families that need it, regardless of economic status. Tyler also supported my event in a variety of other ways that I will always be forever grateful to him for. Please check out:

Rod Neswick (artist) supplied and graced this event with his exquisite and uniquely primal sculptures, all of which were (and many of which are still) for sale. I also want to thank Rod for personally attending the event. Anyone out there seeking to adorn their favorite space with a primal masterpiece should go to for more information.

Chef Chris Bailey and his culinary troupe-par-excellence  Given the nature of my work, quality food and food preparation was in many ways bound to be the star of the show. Chris—your exceptional culinary talent and brilliance graced the plates and palates of every attendee and honored me with its perfection. I was deeply impressed by your professionalism, talent and extraordinary cuisine which you were so graciously willing to adapt from my own recipes.

Dr. Kaayla Daniel, Annie Dru and Alanna Woods –  I want to add a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to my fellow board members and cherished friends from the Hunt Gather Grow Foundation for flying in for this event, for volunteering your help along the way, and for joining me on stage to help share our vision for a unified, inclusive and democratically run REAL FOOD MOVEMENT!  Great talk, Kaayla!

Melissa Toledo was the exceptional and talented photographer for my event. A shout out and heartfelt thanks to Melissa for braving the wintry elements so that we could all enjoy the memory of this event in pictures for years to come!

List of swag bag sponsors:

Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) –

Wild Mountain Paleo –

Bulletproof –

Block & Board –

Your Energy Systems/Readi-Sorb –  They make THE finest ever liposomal glutathione and sublingual methylcobalamin B12 supplement!

Vivacity Fine Spirits –

Walkabout Health Products – – Liz and Will, you guys (and your emu oil products) are simply THE BEST!!!

Dry Farm Wines –

Natural Grocers –

Fatworks –

Pure Indian Foods –

Naomi Aldort, Author –

Paleo Magazine –

Hunt Gather Grow Foundation –

Peter Michael Bauer (Re-Wild Portland) –

Cultures for Health – (offer for all attendees: 20% off any product from their website until 3/31/17 – use code PRIMAL)

List of businesses/people donating items for charity auction:

Float Shoppe –

Paleo Magazine –

Bulletproof –

Peter Michael Bauer (Re-Wild Portland) –

Brooklyn House Restaurant –

Daniel Vitalis (Surthrival) –

Heart 2 Heart Farms –

Special Thanks to:

Tongue & Groove Band – Thanks for your primally ethereal and sublime sounds!

Botanica Floral Design (plant arrangements) –

Ecotrust (venue) –

Hannah Herman  (Design Fli) – graphic design invitation

Donald Stojack – Head of marketing and live stream support (live stream recording coming soon!)

Hannalies Bosman – Marketing and live stream support

State of Sound (Christopher “Mittens” Nelson) – AV excellence –

Durga Fuller – Decor/panels/paintings (like wow!)

Melissa Toledo (photographer) –

List of Intrepid Volunteers:

Kaayla Daniel

Alanna Woods

Dana Smith

Jonathan Hoffman

Tracy Bosnian

Claudia Knauer

List of our generous financial donors:

Richard Mestayer

NTA Australia

Mary Toebbe

Alice Clarke

Judy Belk (Center for Communication & Learning Skills)

Rod and Keri Trujillo

Maria Townsend

Sarah Passick

Alice Clarke

Lauren Noel, ND

Gail Melnick

Lawrence Ozenberger

Elizabeth Rush

George Greenwald

Maryann Arellano

Lynn Brooks

If there is anybody that I failed to mention, I am truly sorry! (please let me know)



PS. Primal Fat Burner was released on January 24th. If you could do me a BIG favor and promote my book on your social media channels I would be eternally grateful. Let’s get the word out there! Plus, if you could also go to (and/or other online retailers) and give a review, I would be forever in your debt! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



If you know of anyone who would still like to donate, please send them to this LINK. Thank you!

(Check out my new weekly online program: Primal Restoration TM)

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