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Who do you recommend for a neurofeedback practitioner and how can I find one in my area?

There are a number of very talented, qualified individuals at www.eegdirectory.com.  I recommend finding a practitioner that uses Cygnet neurofeedback software.

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What does the new logo image (stone structure) mean?


So…what the heck is this frozen pile of rocks, anyway…and why am I using it as my logo?

The word “Inuksuk” is an Inuit word, essentially translating to “Stone Man”.  Many of you are aware I have spent considerable time in the High Arctic and feel a special connection to that place.  –So that is part of it.  What many people do not realize, however, is that the closest we have on earth to a modern-day people group who represent our Ice Age ancestors and who are still largely eating an Ice Age diet are the peoples of the Arctic.  The inuksuk is a worthy symbol of that way of life.  It is a Primal, ancient icon.

Throughout the Arctic, newer and ancient inuksuit (the plural for inuksuk) stand everywhere as navigational landmarks on an otherwise featureless landscape.  They are designed to help point the way to where you are going and also to help you know where you are along the way.  They were and are used as a point of reference, a marker for travel routes, fishing places, hunting grounds, food caches and even sacred locations.

I’m guessing by now the reason for my use of this symbolism is obvious.

To me the inuksuk is a signpost—a way of helping people to navigate the often confusing and harsh landscape of nutritional lore.  It is there to help keep you reminded of where you are in your journey to health and the solid bedrock of foundation you must travel upon to reach your best destination.  It is a reminder that we are all creatures of the Ice Age–those frozen winters of unimaginable duration and other extreme conditions throughout the planet (even where it wasn’t frozen) that we have endured in one way or another throughout our evolutionary history.  We have lived in mostly complacent ignorance of this part of our history for the last 11,500 years during this unusually warm and temperate period…a mere eye blink in earth’s grander cycle.

It was during this tiny, seemingly insignificant 11,500 year spike of solar warmth in the grand Milankovitch Cycle that we have experienced literally the whole of human civilization and agriculture.  We are, nonetheless, still that 2.5 million year-old Ice Age creature in our fundamental design, whether we are aware of that or not.  We are not fundamentally agricultural beings, we are Primal beings.

Let the inuksuk be your reminder.

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Where can I find information on Nora’s upcoming appearances and events?

On the Lectures and Workshops page in this website. You can also find archived interviews and podcasts on this page too.

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Is your book be available in eBook formats?

Most definitely yes!  The following link will give you information on all the eBook vendors where you can buy the electronic version of my book:

eBook Vendors for Primal Body, Primal Mind

Available ebook formats:

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook

Apple iBook

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Why is your book selling on Amazon all of a sudden for $200 or more?

The current version of my book is out of print as of March 2011. Apparently a few enterprising individuals are attempting to gouge folks with new and used copies at ridiculously exorbitant prices. I am not one of them and have nothing to do with that.

Here’s a link to my re-released (new and improved) book on Amazon.

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What’s the difference between the original version of Primal Body Primal Mind and the newer version that was released in 2011 (besides the subtitles)?

Funny you should ask!  The question can best be answered by an article I wrote on my blog addressing this very subject.

But the short answer is:

Keep in mind that this is essentially the same book you have all come to know and love, but with some wonderful new and updated information, better referencing, vastly superior editing, a new foreword by Dr. Mark Steinberg plus an additional new wonderful foreword written by Brent Pottenger (descendant of Dr. Francis Pottenger and head of the newly established Ancestral Health Society), a new cover and new photo of me, together with some notable endorsements.  I’ve had an opportunity over the last number of months to review many of your comments about my book and make some positive changes to the material and make the manner in which it is presented significantly better.

To call this version “new and improved” is truly an understatement.

Release date is May 27, 2011.  Order from Amazon.com

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How can I buy your book wholesale?

My publisher suggests the following:

Retailers or re-sellers of any type can buy wholesale from us (Inner Traditions: www.InnerTraditions.com) or any of the wholesalers listed in our catalog:

Specifically – Baker & Taylor (book trade), Ingram (book trade), New Leaf (new age shops), Integral Yoga Distributors (health food vitamin/retailers), Nutri-Books (health food/vitamin retailers) and Partners West (regional Pacific NW in Renton, Wa).

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I am interested in interviewing Nora.  How might I obtain a copy of her book for review?

From my publisher:

Individual consumers interested in multiple copies can buy them from us (Inner Traditions: www.InnerTraditions.com) or any number of retailers online and bricks & mortar.

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I’m having trouble receiving your emails. What can I do?

Check your SPAM folder first. Then “Whitelist” my emails. Click here for instructions.

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I’m interested in having a nutritional consultation with Nora. Is she available for consultations?

Nora does do online or phone consultations. Space is extremely limited. Click here for information.

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