“Primal mind: nutrition & mental health—improving the way you feel & function & cultivating an ageless mind” by Nora Gedgaudas from Ancestral Health Society on Vimeo.

ABSTRACT: Learn about the myth of “the mind-body connection” and how diet can powerfully impact mental health and cognitive performance, including a discussion of strategies for improving memory and cognitive function at any age using “Primal principles” and how to slow (maybe even reverse) the process of brain aging. We’ll also address common issues like chronic anxiety, depression and ADD/ADHD, what modern day mechanisms might be at play and how a Primal diet and certain added nutrients can better address mental, emotional and cognitive issues. Few individuals seem to make the connection between physical and mental health. As long as one is able to find one’s self above ground in the morning, get up out of bed and power through a work day it is commonly assumed that one is healthy. Being thin and active in most people’s minds is tantamount to good health (or just not being “sick”), even while the same person may also suffer anxiety related issues, depression or have trouble mentally focusing at work or at school. We all see the world through the lens that is our blood sugar (the extent to which one might be dependent on this), our hormones and neurotransmitters and yet forget that it is our diets that must entirely supply the raw nutrients needed for these critically influential physiological catalysts. Mental health issues and cognitive challenges are nearly ubiquitous today. According to the work of respected nutritional pioneers such as Weston Price these same mental and brain health issues were nearly unheard of in many primitive and traditional societies consuming a diet consistent with that of our more distant evolutionary ancestors. Modern research findings offer added understanding and a new layer to ancestral dietary principles that can lead us toward the promise of optimal brain functioning, emotional liberation and the cultivation of a potentially ageless mind. By applying many of these “Paleo” principles today and modifying them to our more modern circumstances we can re-cultivate and improve upon the healthy Primal Mind that is our birthright and the key to our future as a species.




Nora Gedgaudas — The ‘Holy Grail’ of Primal Health: Benefits of a Fat-Based Caloric Intake for Body and Brain from Ancestral Health Society on Vimeo.

Nora Gedgaudas, C.N.S., C.N.T. presenting at the 2nd annual Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 (AHS12).

Dietary fat has been the subject of considerable derision, misinformation and disinformation through medical authorities, public policy campaigns, conventional nutritionists and the mainstream media for most of the last century. Conversely, dietary carbohydrates have been lauded as foundational to human dietary needs.
Human physiological makeup and the history of our ancestral diet, however, has not been consistent with these claims. Dietary fat is demonstrably central to our most basic energy, metabolic and physiologic needs and by restricting its intake we foster a much less healthy and unnatural dependence upon carbohydrates, to the considerable detriment of societal physical and mental health.

Nora Gedgaudas, C.N.S., C.N.T. is the author of the international best selling book, “Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life”. She is an international speaker on the subject of paleolithic diets and operates a successful private practice in Portland, OR offering neurofeedback and nutritional therapy/consultation services.


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