Primal Power 52

The new and exciting, weekly, valuable informational program offered by Nora Gedgaudas that will allow you to:

Tip the Scales of Health in Your Favor without Losing Your Mind, and Ignite your Pathway to a Better Life with Informative, Insightful, Interesting Information each and every week of the year!

Nora Gedgaudas, uncensored and up-close with between the lines information from and beyond her books:

NOTE:  Primal Fat Burner
’s original manuscript alone contained over 300,000 word count filled with rock solid information (including over 3,000 peer reviewed references) from which less than 100,000 words and fewer than 400 peer reviewed references were able to make the final cut for publication, despite the rich and unprecedented value provided in its initial entirety.  The cuts were made for the necessary sake of space inherent in a mainstream trade publication and the publisher not wanting the book to seem too “sciencey”, but what was left out was absolutely no less valuable to millions. To say the published book is just the “tip of the iceberg” is an understatement.

AS A RESULT of all this new and extensive research I have done:

  • I have a whole new level of perspective
  • I have many more answers
  • I have an even better understanding of the big picture and
  • How body systems affect each other

In short, I have connected a plethora of new dots to create a revolutionary new picture of foundational health.  No book could possibly hold it all.  But Primal Power 52 supplies you with an ongoing, broad-reaching information and education resource that will not disappoint!

Who is this weekly program for?

If you are someone interested in:

  • Better Health
  • Feeling and functioning optimally
  • Deeper answers, information and resources
  • Super-Powering your Brain
  • Living Longer, and
  • Attacking problems like resistant weight loss head on

If you are looking for:

  • Real answers backed up with real science
  • Going beyond diet – to sustainable solutions to what we eat and maximizing your health.
  • Getting answers to questions about health that you may not even have thought to ask (but are still extremely important)
  • Having a competitive edge with knowing the newest and best possible information and you are willing to broaden your mind about what is possible
  • If you want to know what and how to test for things
  • What to look for in the results
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Where to source the right ingredients
  • And SO much more…all provided in easily digestible, bite sized weekly pieces

Then Primal Power 52 is definitely for you!  


As an incredibly rich, BIG BONUS to anyone who subscribes, expect to additionally hear from other leading thought leaders in the realm of diet and health along the way as a high value extra part of this ongoing series!

ALSO:  Primal Power 52 will donate a percentage of every monthly subscription fee to a different and worthy charitable cause each and every month, so you can know that you are not only benefiting your own knowledge and health, but also playing a meaningful part in a much bigger picture.

Just a few of the charities to benefit from your participation in Primal Power 52 include:

  • The Savory Institute
  • Hunt Gather Grow Foundation
  • Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
  • Heifer International
  • Farm To Consumer Defense Fund
  • Institute for Responsible Technology
  • Hope4Health
  • Nourishing Australia
  • Nutrition and Metabolism Society
  • Ancestral Health Society
  • The Center for Food Safety
  • The MINDD Foundation
  • The Charlie Foundation
  • The Brian Othmer Foundation
  • ….and many more to come!

New content each week…for only $40 a month! 



Primal Power 52 is an educational program uniquely compatible with your NTP training, and provides continuing education in a readily absorbable format each week, offering as many as 12 CEU’s per year (Exactly enough to cover your nutritional education requirements for maintaining your certification) at a surprisingly affordable cost relative to what CEU courses typically cost! When you fill out the sign up form, please indicate that you are interested in CEU’s by checking the CEU box. Nora’s Primal Power 52 is now accreditable through the Nutritional Therapy Association for recertification credits!


The ideas and suggestions by Nora Gedgaudas are provided as general educational information only and should not be construed as medical advice or care. All matters regarding your health require supervision by a personal physician or other appropriate health professional familiar with your current health status. Always consult your qualified personal health care provider before making any dietary or exercise changes. Nora Gedgaudas, LLC and Northwest Neurofeedback, Inc. disclaims any liability or warranties of any kind arising directly or indirectly from use of this website or from any writings or recordings. If any medical problems develop, always consult your qualified personal health care provider.