Praise and reviews for Nora Gedgaudas and her book, Primal Fat Burner

Nora Gedgaudas successfully navigates the dietary minefield in her new
book, Primal Fat Burner. Whether you are following a strict ketogenic
diet, cycle in and out, or simply want to learn more about incorporating
healthy foods and healthy fat in your diet – much like our ancestors – look
no further.

Colin Champ, MDAssistant Professor Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Nora Gedgaudas deftly describes the link between what we eat and what we become. Millions of years of human evolution made us omnivores with well-muscled bodies and extraordinary minds that could not have developed without a diet rich in fat, including saturated fat! Read this book and you’ll understand why much maligned animal fat is so important to your health and why it is critical that it come from animals grazing on healthy land (and not confined to feedlots). I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Allan SavoryPresident of the international Savory Institute

For the latest in the common question of “what diet is best?” — there is good news and bad news: The bad news is that our low-fat, high carb, highly processed food diets have been a health disaster. The good news is, we can switch to a fat- and naturally based diet, for more efficient fat-burning, energy-producing regimen that we need in to survive and even thrive in our modern lifestyles. The evidence lies in our distant human past, and modern science confirms this. Nora is a brilliant and talented writer who can make even the most complex concepts that are also going against the grain (yup!)  a joy to read. Then there are the amazing recipes: simple to prepare, nourishing, delicious and providing our bodies and brains with the true nutrition they need.  All in one gorgeous book!

Hyla Cass, MDAuthor of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

This book, Primal Fat Burner, by Nora Gedgaudas, is the best resource pertaining to the anthropology and modern science for prolonging the health span that has been compiled to date. It is exceptionally organized in a logical and engaging manner. It is flawlessly referenced with scientific journals. It is both unique in its approach and detailed beyond the normal. It is written with no wasted words; each sentence is a learning experience. It is always engaging, and the reader wants to read more and more as new information is integrated into the story. The icing (perhaps a better metaphor would be “drizzled duck fat”) of her book is the organization of recipes and meals for quick practical application of the health science.

For everyone who is interested in the science and practicality of prolonging the health span, this book is a must read. Widespread integration of these concepts could change the face of America (and beyond), reducing health care costs to the point where both social programs and balanced budgets are within reach. The wisdom of the book is not only critical for government policy makers, but also for healthcare providers, teachers, and everyone who wants to be healthy. Everyone who reads this book will be indebted to Nora Gedgaudas for her monumental effort to compile and bring this information to the public.

Dan Murphy, DCProfessor, Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, CA, USA

If I could only recommend one book for the hungry, the lost, and the wounded, it would be Primal Fat Burner. A meticulous merging of science and storytelling, Primal Fat Burner is as satisfying as the food it champions. Gedgaudas makes the unassailable case for the centrality of animal fat in our history and our health. This is a book with a mission: to break the addictive, destructive spell of agricultural foods and restore us, body and mind, to ourselves.

Lierre KeithAuthor of The Vegetarian Myth

This unique book provides a much-needed big picture. It is one that addresses the state of humankind, the errant direction we have all taken, the dark influence of global corporations and, most importantly, how we can regain our power and embrace a truly healthy, sustainable future. Nora makes the case for setting aside our differences to focus on what we all share: a common biological design, and a need for a food economy that restores local, natural systems. In this way, we can take back what was once ours, and what is fundamentally our primal birthright.

Helena Norberg-HodgeAuthor of Local Futures and The Economics of Happiness

“I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time and this new one is the best I have seen on the subject.”

If you want to take you brain and your health with you for the rest of your life read this book and follow the high fat diet Nora has developed! This book separates fad from fact, it is loaded with the real science, and provides a pathway to healing your body, your mind, your mood, and for relieving chronic pain. There is no better guide than Nora in this journey.



Alberto Villoldo, PhDAuthor of One Spirit Medicine: Ancient Pathways to Wellness

Ready to live long, lustily, wisely and well?  Then it’s time to let Nora Gedgaudas teach you the “fats of life.

Kaayla Daniel, PhDThe Naughty Nutritionist, Co-author of 'Nourishing Broth'

Nora Gedgaudas was one of the early adopters of the low carbohydrate, high-fat science and diet. She not only understands the science very well, she is able to simply and accurately explain it to the lay reader and health professional alike. From some fine science to its application, this book has much to offer for someone just starting out and wanting to dip their toes in the low-carb water or for those already better versed in the science. It is an entertaining and informative read, and I highly recommend it.

Ron Rosedale, MDAuthor of 'The Rosedale Diet'

In terms of nutritional knowledge, Ms. Gedgaudas is about a decade ahead of 99% of U.S. physicians, taught virtually zilch about healthful eating in medical school. Counterintuitive as it sounds, increasing your fat intake will promote weight loss. The real nutritonal villain is sugar (a fact kept hidden from us by the sugar industry!). The low carb-high fat diet described in ‘Primal Fat Burner’ protects people from obesity and heart disease. When it comes to making the overweight and chronically ill American healthy again, ‘Primal Fat Burner’ is destined to be a real game changer.

David Edelberg, MDAuthor of Healing Fibromyalgia