Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health on a Minimal Budget

Something has come along to take the concept of “nutrition for a new economy” to a whole new level.  For those that think eating OPTIMALLY well means spending more money on your grocery bills, THINK AGAIN.

What if I were to tell you that you and your family can eat according to the guidelines I’ve outlined in Primal Body, Primal Mind for literally THOUSANDS of dollars LESS per year than the everyday standard American diet?

This is not even counting the tens of thousands of dollars on medical bills you could end up spending by not changing your eating habits.  How, you ask? I am thrilled to announce the release of a new e-book that could very well revolutionize your food budget, your health and the health of your family.

PRIMAL TIGHTWAD: Maximize Your Health on a Minimal Budget”  is the ultimate guide to developing mastery over your food budget and specifically, the PRIMAL BODY, PRIMAL MIND approach to optimizing your health and longevity!

I enthusiastically recommend this brilliant and timely e-book!


FOREWORD  By Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

One of the remarks I periodically hear from those who have just read my book, Primal Body, Primal Mind is that “eating healthy organic, sustainable and grass-fed, free range food seems like it would be just too expensive”. Of course, these are invariably the same people who had yet to implement these dietary changes, possibly in fear of unaffordable food bills (or simply due to a fear of change). The idea of eating real food is an intimidating and extravagant prospect to some…particularly those that have never known anything beyond the “standard American diet” (S.A.D.). They just always assumed healthy food was reserved for the wealthy.

Truth is, even many of the wealthiest individuals spend far beyond what is necessary for their optimal well-being, seduced by the same illusory perception and glitzy advertising.

Most often, those who have actually taken that life altering step into the world of Primal eating remark how very surprisingly affordable it really is and how much they are enjoying this wonderful and delicious way of eating. Often, too, they follow this up in their next breath with stories of dramatically improved health and well-being. Even if the diet were a bit more expensive the savings in health care costs alone could vastly outweigh any grocery bill increases.

I personally started saving hundreds on my own grocery bill each month once I applied the principles I eventually laid out in my own book. My own health improved dramatically, as well. I knew I had actually stumbled upon potentially the most affordable and the most optimally healthy diet imaginable. I knew the implications of this could be life changing for those who previously assumed a healthy diet was well out of their economic reach….yet I never fathomed what really could be possible until I read an early draft of this very book: Primal Tightwad.


Still, the perception of quality nourishment being an exclusively elite privilege oppressively persists, regardless of what can easily be a very different reality for almost everyone. In fact, as it turns out it is easier than anyone can possibly imagine. It is my passion and my pleasure here to see this offensive myth shattered once and for all.

What you are about to read will revolutionize the way you look at the cost of real food forever.

I have known, respected and adored Carolyn Rush for many, many years and consider her a close and trusted friend. A woman of considerable wit, talent and intellectual acumen—along with occasional whimsy– she also has impressed me time and time again with her dazzling know-how when it came to making the most of every dollar. No one else I know can live on less while enjoying a greater degree of comfort. For her, this is elevated to a High Art.

Mind you, there are many such people in the world for whom thrift is a secret preoccupation, if not an obsessive-compulsive disorder (we’ve all been annoyed by the coupon-obsessed shoppers in the grocery store line, the money-grubbing stingy types who never pay their share, or the cheapskate relatives who re-gifted everyone they knew at every holiday)…but few have this down to a sensible, real and very truly admirable science in the way I have seen with Carolyn. Many is the day I have heard her detail with delightful enthusiasm the remarkable savings strategy she had discovered here or there or the low cost–described to the penny–of her daily meals. She really has accomplished an awe-inspiring, in-depth, PhD-level mastery of these thrift-based principles.

One thing I always respected most, though, was the fact that she did not ever compromise quality when it came to her diet or her health. She always knew what to prioritize and what should be most important in life. Hers is a rare state of balance we can all learn from. As Carolyn herself is fond of saying, she has “never been opposed to spending money–but rather is opposed to wasting money.” Bravo!

Money, of course (having no inherent value on its own), is little more than a medium of exchange for our precious life force, time and energy as Carolyn so eloquently points out. This awareness can and must be a starting place in helping us use it more wisely.

I’d be lying if I said I had what is about to be presented to you in the pages of this book fully mastered (I have a lot to learn from my friend), but I guarantee you that the healthiest possible eating is yours and fully affordable if you so much as apply a fraction of the incredible information in these pages.

Primal Tightwad stands to revolutionize the perceptions of millions in this country who have long believed that a superb diet simply isn’t affordable by any but the most affluent. Au contraire!! In fact, flat out B.S.!!

Prepare yourself for a serious paradigm shift.

Carolyn will prove to you that not only is Primal eating (as outlined I the pages of my book, Primal Body, Primal Mind) fully affordable for even those on the most strapped of food budgets but it is actually MORE affordable than the standard American diet (S.A.D.). How’s THAT for a kick in the head?! And there’s more…much more.

Carolyn Rush should be widely recognized as “Tightwad Royalty” and “the Queen of healthy Primal food budgeting”. After hearing about and seeing her first-hand create masterful Primal meals for next to nothing I literally begged her to write this book. Fortunately for us all she finally agreed and you are fortunate enough to benefit from her brilliance and insight in these very pages.

So get out your notebooks and calculators and start your engines. You are about to take a journey to a place the greed-driven Food Industry, Big Agribiz and Big Pharma would rather you didn’t know existed. It is a destination where the truly overpriced, toxic, cruelly-raised, chemically laden and genetically mutilated “Franken foods” packaged in plastic bags and cardboard boxes are at long last easily behind you, once and for all…at a savings.

Optimal Primal health and a longer life for you and your entire family are about to become truly affordable.

Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

Author of Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life

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