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A couple of months ago I launched my new, exciting educational and informational program, Primal Power 52. It is already in full swing and I have been getting some absolutely wonderful emails from subscribers sharing their excitement and gratitude about the program and what it is already doing for them.

One subscriber recently had this to say:

You simplify “Complicated”. In today’s world we are inundated with so much information from so many different places and opinions that it becomes overwhelming and misleading. I can honestly say that my internet surfing days are over! No more mind numbing search for that next book to read (unless you write it), diet to try or supplement to take. I have found Primal “POWER” 52 which has “EMPOWERED” me to take my health into my own hands! Reliable information with scientific facts to back it all up. What more could you want!!”  ~Stephanie M.

Needless to say, hearing this kind of feedback totally makes my day! (Thanks a million, Stephanie!)

But the program is also continuing to grow and I have been brainstorming ever new and better ideas for improving upon the content as we go. All fine and good, right?

So what’s in a name? 


Why Primal Restoration™?

Because everything I do and am about is about restoring our health through teaching foundational principles (as opposed to just addressing symptoms)… Restoring self-empowerment…Restoring the quality of our food supply. Restoring natural systems. Restoring our rightful place and stewardship within the cycle of life.

And even restoring the health of the planet.

Not to mention restoring integrity and some semblance of meaning to the concept of ‘health care’.

Ultimately, the bottom line is all about Restoring our Primal birthright”!

Primal Restoration implies something deeper, truer and more genuine. Something I feel much more at home with. It’s “me”. And it’s what I want to help others accomplish from my most heartfelt core. In many ways, Primal Restoration (both the implications inherent in the name, and the content of my online program) better represents my life’s work, and my life’s mission.

This new educational program of mine is evolving rapidly and is already supplying subscribers with superior, foundational (and as time goes on, more ‘nitty gritty’) information that can allow them to better navigate the often otherwise featureless and confusing landscape of new (and old) health information through media headlines, government nutritional guidelines, food labels, “the latest new study”, popular new health books and blogs (many of which are largely designed more as marketing platforms or basically “infomercials”), podcast “static” and endless arrays of commercial advertisements.

It’s a real quagmire out there.

That’s why I chose the inuksuk, an ancient Arctic primal icon, as my personal logo, pictured at the top of this article. For those of you as yet unfamiliar with my story behind that, I encourage you to go to my webpage here and scroll way down to where you see the same (or similar) symbol, with the words ‘The Inuksuk” written right beneath it. (here) For me, I also feel a strong sense of obligation and integrity with that symbol. As a navigational beacon this symbol helps supply a certain type of potentially life-saving guidance, and I very much take that important responsibility to heart.

And the web site banner, depicting a pristine vista of Ellesmere Island’s Alexandra Fjord (not terribly far from the remote location where I spent my summer living with wolves), also ties in symbolically with my desire to help restore a more pristine nature to the health of others, as well as to our things like our food supply and beleaguered environment.

The crazy thing is that I actually acquired the name Primal Restoration quite some time ago, and then sort of forgot about it in the pursuit of and focus on other things. I was not yet ready to create an online program and had a lot of other demands on my time. When I made the decision to create this new educational series my wonderful team quickly came up with Primal Power 52 as a catchy title that would help imply emPOWERment every week of the year. It certainly fit a portion of my objective in creating the program, and I just sort of went with it, eager to get started. I had oddly forgotten about the other name and was so busy creating course content that I failed to think about it. Then, seemingly out of the blue, I awoke with a start in the middle of the night and suddenly it all came flooding back to me. It bubbled right up and popped back into my head from the depths of my subconscious slumber and simply gob-smacked me. It was one of those “palm to the forehead” moments. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to rest until I gave this program its rightful identity. One that would automatically communicate its deepest intent.

It is frankly a pain to change the name of a business (just ask my poor team), but in my heart I simply had to do it. And I’m glad I did.

Hopefully it speaks to you, too.

Blog articles are great, and mine are anything but superficial fluff (as many of you may have noticed). But it is difficult to supply all the information I typically want to that can help others connect many of the same dots I have along the way and really “get it”. An article on one particular health subject or another is fine and good, but it lacks a greater context. Books can help supply more context, but they take a very long time to write; and as I learned through the process of writing for a major publisher, there is often more quality material that ends up on the cutting room floor due to space concerns. For that matter, it can be overwhelming to have everything thrown at you all at once. And let’s face it, anyone who knows me well, or has attended one of my talks or listened to one of my podcasts, knows that it is in my very nature to “over-deliver”. It is simply what I do. I know that sometimes it can be a little like drinking out of a fire hose.

But by building an educational foundation one brick at a time (i.e., in “bite-sized pieces”) and then adding to that in a carefully sequential way it allows for much more solid scaffolding upon which one can better understand more specific topics later on, like autoimmune disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, menopausal symptoms, depressed testosterone, diabetes, heart disease, resistant weight loss… and on and on. As time goes on we WILL delve into these and many more specific health-related subjects. And although I suppose I could randomly compartmentalize everything like everyone else does, or simply bundle my informational modules by topic and sell them off bit by bit, there are very good reasons for learning about your health in a more foundationally sequential way that really ties things together more solidly and soundly. Trust me when I say it decidedly serves your better interests. And since I have to take the time to develop these individual modules anyway, you may as well be benefiting from them now, one at a time (in a more gradual, absorbable way), instead of 52 modules all at once a year from now or more. Why not get it now in a way you can readily use, while it’s “hot”? Also, together we can all benefit from the more gradual development of this program while you engage with it, as I will be soliciting your feedback and requests to help me shape it into the very things you most want to see. This makes for a “win-win”… Something else I very much believe in.

Primal Restoration is as yet in its infancy, but it is growing and evolving rapidly, and I have been heartened by so much of the wonderful feedback I have received from current subscribers. Many of you have also offered some wonderful suggestions, which I am also paying attention to.

For instance, soon we will be launching a private members forum for subscribers, which will allow you to have access to weekly, scheduled Q&A sessions with me, and discuss many of these topics with other members there. I will also be supplying some useful handouts and special, exclusive supplemental material to subscribers as well, thanks to your great feedback.

At heart, I am much more than just a health writer or researcher. I am a deeply passionate and caring healer and educator with over 20-years of clinical experience; having worked extensively with the brain and with many, many clients who were struggling in virtually every way imaginable. Over those two-plus decades I have been able to witness a great deal, and I have come to increasingly recognize what really works and what doesn’t along the way. I have been motivated by so much of the suffering I have witnessed to truly innovate and get to the bottom of things. And as time goes on I realize how much of what I have learned and now know could be benefiting millions– and not simply one client at a time.

But I simply cannot take on the individual health issues of every person out there. And the way our so-called “healthcare” system is set up nowadays—and even oftentimes our supposedly “natural healthcare system”– leaves so many with confusing options and feelings of disempowerment. Too much of it all is focused on throwing pills and procedures at symptoms, instead of focusing on more foundational health RESTORATION. And you can’t build a solid, lasting home on a sand dune.

There is a saying that goes something like this: “Give someone a fish and they can eat for a day. Teach them to fish and they can eat for a lifetime.”

And all that brings us back to the new name: PRIMAL RESTORATION™.

Trust me, it’s the right one.

~ Nora


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  1. Dwight says

    Thank you Nora for your absolute immersion of your life works into everything PRIMAL.

    I will enjoy this one too I am sure.

    Congrats on Primal Restoration!

  2. Nick says

    You are a breath of fresh air Nora! Although I have been ‘Paleo’ since 2013, recently I have been questioning and mentally struggling with it’s concept because it is so meat heavy. It appears to me that it cannot fit into the global agriculture model, is unsustainable and our ancesters would surely not have actually managed to eat 3 meaty meals a day? Primal Fat Burner is the answer. Thank you!

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