You’re reading this because you care about your health, right?


Of course, there are literally thousands—some might say TENS OF THOUSANDS of different diet books out there…


You’re reading this because you know Paleo trumps all those limited approaches—and that’s why this email is so important.


Because the world’s largest Paleo community——is hosting a 7 day FREE online event on the latest information related to the Paleo diet & Paleo ‘lifestyle’…


CLICK HERE to find out more and get everything at no cost.


The panel of expert speakers are pretty amazing… I’m talking about:


Loren Cordain (the “godfather of Paleo”), Mark Sisson (famous blogger and author of The Primal Blueprint) Robb Wolf (author of The Paleo Solution), Dave Asprey (BulletProof Exec), and YOURS TRULY. 


Not to mention video demonstrations with executive chefs of top Paleo restaurants, a 2 time gold medal Olympic athlete, champion CrossFitters, and more.


This is only a teeny tiny fraction of what you’ll get as part of
this amazing online health summit!


Learn more and register for PaleoCon right here at no cost.


Sure, you can use Paleo to shed a few pounds, but there’s so much more to this movement and lifestyle… amazing meals… looking and feeling younger… peak mental and professional performance…and much more.


And they’ve got the world’s best lineup of speakers to cover all that and more.


Click here to register for the event now.


And then be sure to show up. In one week you’ll get more practical, empowering information than you’d find in 10,000 books.


And cheaper, too.


Did I mention the event was free? 🙂


I’ll see you there!




P.S. The event starts January 27th (my presentation is February 5th), but there are limited time bonuses when you register now – so make sure to get in today! Register here.



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  1. says

    The event started on January 27. My presentation is today, February 5th. When I wrote the blog post I didn’t know what day my presentation was playing. Sorry for any confusion.

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