Nora’s Northwest Wild Salmon, Wild Mushroom and Vegetable Saute



Wild Caught Salmon

Shitake Mushrooms

Maitake Mushrooms

Spinach (fresh)

Chopped Asparagus

Sliced Sweet Onion

Garlic (or shallots)

Coconut Cream (Wilderness Family Naturals)

Splash of Sherry

Salt and Pepper or other seasonings to taste



Saute the mushrooms, onions and garlic in grass fed ghee (Pure Indian Foods).

Add asparagus to the saute.

Cut the salmon in bite sized pieces and add to the saute.

Add seasonings to saute.

In a separate sauce pan, place the coconut cream and spash of sherry with seasonings as desired.

Warm the coconut cream in low to mediam heat.

Add handful of fresh spinach leaves to vegetable saute. Cover and allow to wilt.

Then serve on plate (as is) or over cauliflower rice.

Pour coconut sauce mixture over the fish and vegetable saute.

Serve and enjoy!

~ Nora

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    Hi Nora: This looks like another great recipe. Mike and I have been following this way of eating for nearly a year and it has been a total game changer for us both. We both have lost over 40 pounds never feeling hungry or deprived, without any real effort. The food is delicious, our health stats are better than ever, even our gums have significantly improved. The dentist wants to know what we are doing diffierently! We can’t express how truly grateful we are for having found you and your book. We continue to learn ways to prepare food, grow food and buy food that is changing our health and happiness profoundly. Deep gratitude for what you do. Linda & Mike

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