Nora’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2011

Season’s Greetings Everyone!

I’ve received a few e-mails from some of you asking about various holiday ideas and thought I’d just put a few things together for your consideration this holiday season.  Each of these are items I have used and personally recommend as the best of their kind.  Also included are a few of the books and e-books (including the exciting, brilliant and food budget-transforming Primal Tightwad written by Primal Thrift Diva, Carolyn Rush).  I’ll be adding more of these goodies to my resources page so keep checking back!


Here are a few of my favorite health-related tools!


 Xtrema 10” Ceramic Skillet

I am actually quite excited about the Xtrema line of ceramic cookware.  This is the first cookware I have found that is 100% non-reactive with food in any way AND has excellent non-stick characteristics, as well.  I have a larger version of this skillet I use for virtually all my stove sauteing and skillet dishes.  This cookware is beautiful to look at, too.  I’ve been quite impressed with its performance.


 Xtrema 2 1/2 qt. Ceramic Saucepot

This Xtrema ceramic Saucepot is, as far as I’m concerned THE ultimate soup and chili pot.  It’s just the right size and utterly versatile.  You can even bake things with it in the oven.  It looks gorgeous and performs amazingly well.  It is the only soup, stew and chili pot you will ever need.


Digital Scale

For those just getting started with my Primal recommendations, this scale can totally take the guesswork out of your protein measuring.  It readily measures in either grams or ounces (your choice at the touch of a button).  It’s really intuitive to use an easy to clean.  I’ve been very happy with mine!


Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator

For soaking and drying those nuts, making mouth watering nut crackers or the ultimate in nutritionally viable kale chips, beef or salmon jerky or whatever else tickles your fancy no one has ever beat the Excalibur food dehydrator for its excellent quality and capacity.  It’s an outstanding product and an indispensable tool in the kitchen.


Omega 8005 Juicer

When it comes to making the ultimate green drink for detoxification and concentrated antioxidant power nothing can beat this high quality mastication-type, whisper quiet, professional quality juicer by Omega.  It is beautiful, durable and comes with the best satisfaction of any juicer made.  Although most juicers do a marginal job, at best with leafy greens, this juicer can make superior green drinks that truly get the most nutrition, and active enzyme and antioxidant potential from all your veggies.  Made superbly well and clearly made to last, it’s probably the last juicer you’ll ever need.


Cultures for Health

Natural Fermenation Crocks and Supplies

The folks at Cultures for Health know culturing anything like no one knows culturing.  Their live cultures are truly second to none.  When it comes to culturing your own veggies, this gorgeous fermentation crock truly gets the job done without all the mess, fuss and bother of a conventional crock (trust me, I’ve learned the hard way).  It’s beautiful, utilitarian and will make you gallons of probiotic, nutrient and enzyme-packed healthy cultured vegetables for years to come–all while looking simply beautiful on your counter-top.


Mind Tools

David Delight ProFor those of you with a brain–especially a brain “in need” or a brain-enhancing interest, few “mind tools” can match up with the genius and second-to-none (seriously) quality behind Dave Siever’s widely respected Mind Alive products.  I received my introduction to neurotechnology using Dave Siever’s former “D.A.V.I.D. Paradise” Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) device and over the years he has continued to develop this technology through painstaking and passionate research simply unmatched by any other competitor in the field.  Today the Paradise has been replaced by the new and improved D.A.V.I.D. (digital audio-visual entrainment device) Delight and Delight-Pro.  I’ve tried every mind tool there is and there are few I can recommend without reservation.  Mind Alive mind tools can literally change your life and can greatly enhance any other method of cognitive and/or brain enhancement you may be using.  This tool is a superior relaxation device and can literally put your brain in a meditative state in merely five minutes that most Zen monks spend 18 years or more learning to cultivate.  Or maybe need to feel awake and alert for that meeting or exam?  There’s a brain setting for that, too.  Want to align your mind with the earth’s Schumann resonance (the frequency of the earth’s inner ionosphere, found in nearly all living things)?  There’s a setting for that, too.  Trouble sleeping?  Try any one of several well-designed programs at the push of a button designed to help you fall asleep quickly and restfully.  This incredible, versatile, portable and simple to use  tool is a must for any student or anyone, for that matter seeking a neuro-cognitive edge and neurocognitive excellence.  Many neurofeedback clients have used Mind Alive mind tools as a superb adjunct to their brain training protocols. I have said many times that I would not be involved in the field of brain training as I am today were it not for David Siever and his effective, well-researched and powerful mind-enhancing technology.  AVE technology opened my mind to the possibilities of the broader field of neurotechnology and eventually the neurofeedback work I do now.  Although the modalities (between AVE and neurofeedback) differ quite a bit, I still own and use Mind Alive tools and hold them very close to my heart.  They are both powerful and user-friendly–And simply NO ONE can match Mind Alive’s customer support and satisfaction.  I mean it.  If you mention my name when ordering, you’ll receive a 5% discount!


Infrared Saunas

Sunlighten Saunas

Give the gift of health and wellness!

Although at first glance, on the surface of things, an actual sauna might seem like an extravagant thing to own or purchase, but I have found that the infrared Sunlighten Saunas (formerly “Sunlight Saunas”, as mentioned in my book, Primal Body, Primal Mind) with their unique Solocarbon® Full Spectrum technology have a detoxification potential that is truly second to none.  I know of no single tool that can be a more effective support in the quest for regular, simple and effective detoxification.  I own one of these and would never be without it.  On a cold winter morning nothing will warm you more deeply and on a cold winter night nothing will prepare you for a more deep and restful sleep.  Even so, full spectrum infrared saunas run on average 60 degrees cooler than conventional saunas yet penetrate their heat more deeply, activating your detoxification potential on a deep, much more powerful cellular level unique to infrared technology.  Also, unlike conventional saunas infrared heat can actually relax blood vessels, helping reduce high blood pressure and not adding to it as conventional saunas can.  Many additionally find Sunlighten saunas effective for pain control of many types, including fibromyalgia-related symptoms.  Many find it additionally helpful in weight loss — by more effectively releasing toxins from adipose tissue. The body is then freer and less reluctant to mobilize free fatty acids without the risk of releasing toxic compounds back into your system–one common source of weight-loss resistance. These guys have done their research and have created a superb quality EMF-safe product (and series of products) that are uniquely superior in their capacity to effectively and safely detoxify the human body (bypassing the risks associated with things like chelation therapy) and can be used safely by anyone of any age, every single day.  I know many parents of autistic children happily and gratefully using infrared sauna technology with their children daily at home.  In a world where detoxification is a day-to-day challenge the use of infrared sauna technology simply can’t be beat.  I also own a simple infrared Solopad® which can be used alone (on your bed or on any massage table) to more deeply relax stiff, tired muscles and even offer that extra deep-penetrating support and comfort when you might be feeling that seasonal sniffle coming on.  Many will also be interested in the unique near infrared feature on some models that can help powerfully rejuvenate your skin.  No other manufacturer offers this option.  Like I said, these guys have really done their homework and support their technology with viable, independent research, as well as excellent customer support.

Give the gift of health and vitality with a Sunlighten™ infrared sauna.  With clinically-backed Solocarbon® heaters, Sunlighten™ saunas aid in detoxification, blood pressure reduction, weight loss, pain relief and skin purification.  Their most recent innovation, the mPulse sauna, is the worlds’ first and only full spectrum smart sauna – unlocking the widest range of health benefits.  Customizable heaters and 6 preset health programs make it easy to target individual wellness goals.

As a special offer, Sunlighten has agreed to provide you with free shipping and a gift with purchase when you mention my name.  If you order now, you can receive your Sunlighten sauna before we officially welcome the new year!  Make it your healthiest yet!



Primal Tightwad





Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health on a Minimal Budget by Carolyn Rush

“I guarantee you that the healthiest possible eating is yours and fully affordable if you so much as apply a fraction of the incredible information in these pages.”  ~ Nora Gedgaudas

Looking for more gift ideas?

Give the gift of 100% organic grass-fed meat this holiday season (may not make an actual stocking stuffer…but sure would make a delicious and healthy holiday meal!


Nora also recommends these great books and products!


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