The Central Role of Dietary Fat in Forging the Human Brain

There has been a great deal of speculation concerning the dramatic and rapid rate of encephalization of the human brain over the course of our hominin evolution. Our closest primate relative, the chimpanzee has a brain volume of only about 275–500 cm3; only the chimpanzee’s brain hasn’t really changed at all in 7 million years. Why not? And how is it that the hominin brain has more than tripled in size since that time—a change wholly unprecedented in the animal kingdom? Was it because we developed the use of fire and cooking? Because we started eating more starchy tubers? Grains? 

My AHS17 presentation presents evidence beyond reasonable doubt that we owe our most valued and distinct human characteristic—our large brains—to the development of our voracious and unwavering taste for animal fat. ~ Nora

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  1. Stephanie says

    Awesome presentation!! Its amazing how you can cover the entire evolution of humanity so thoroughly in such a short time. You truly are gifted at public speaking and a joy to listen to!! One of the smartest things that I have done in my lifetime was sign up for Primal Restoration. There is nothing else out there more comprehensive and complete and delivered in a manner that is so easily understood.
    My hats off for Nora, well done!

  2. Pauline says

    I recently stumbled across your AHS 17 talk. I was so impressed by your youthful appearance I had to go in search of your age. Your skin, hair (all that hair though) and facial structure are truly wonderful. You look strong and vibrant. What I notice is your fat looks firm and you’ve retained muscle and fat in your face and neck. I have to ask: do you think this is largely because you’re a fat burner or genetics?

    Girl, whatever you’re doing keep doing it. I know you’re not focusing on looks but you are the reason I’m buying your latest book. I’m in my mid 50s too and want to look as healthy and robust as you.

  3. Davud says

    Oh that was just what I needed to hear! I wished it didn’t end! Thank you Nora, I can’t wait ta spread the video.

  4. Nora says

    How incredibly kind…. I sincerely appreciate your extremely generous words. I’m 56 years old (57 in June).

    I have often said that my family’s genetics gave me a fine brain and reasonably symmetrical features… but apart from that my genetics actually pretty much suck. Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmunity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s/dementia, anxiety/depression and a whole lot of other unsavory conditions plague my family. I am the only member of my family that does not have an autoimmune condition and the only member of my family that has never spent a night in a hospital. In short, I have to work hard and be ever vigilant to maintain my health and have a little wiggle room for error. The dietary approach I have painstakingly researched and implemented in my life has truly been my best salvation.

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