Hula Kitchen Ground Meat Jerky

This is the most incredible tasting jerky I’ve ever eaten!

2 pounds ground meat

¼ cup Hula Kitchen Jerky Spice Mix
¼ cup water
A few drops of stevia
4 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

In a measuring cup add the water, vinegar,  stevia  & Hula Kitchen Jerky Mix.  Blend well and mix into the ground meat.  A 5 tray dehydrator will hold about 4 pounds of meat.  Set the dehydrator on the highest setting (145-155 degrees).
Fashion the meat into a link sausage shape, place on the drying racks and then
flatten (approx. ¼ thick).

Let the jerky dry for around 5 – 10 hours. Test for doneness, as each dehydrator will vary.     I rotate the trays about half-way through.

Store in the refrigerator.

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